Lo sketch originale di Metal Sonic


Sega di recente ha annunciato un art contest riguardante Sonic CD, purtroppo aperto solo ai residenti americani, inglesi e messicani. Per aiutare gli aspiranti vincitori è entrato in gioco Kazuyuki Hoshino, Art Director del Sonic Team, che ha diffuso lo sketch originale di Metal Sonic. Kazuyuki Hoshino infatti è l’artista del Sonic Team al quale dobbiamo Metal Sonic ed Amy Rose.

Di seguito il prezioso sketch e le parole di Hoshino, con i consigli su come disegnare al meglio il personaggio:

This sketch takes me back! When I was new to Sonic Team, I was tasked with designing what was to be Sonic’s rival character. I was so excited!

Although some slight changes were made between this and the final design – for example, his eyes are rounded and the proportions of his body are different – for the most part, he was already Metal Sonic. This sketch was used as a draft for the character’s bitmap that you see in game so it’s rather simple, but it brings back a lot of good memories and is very special to me.

Tips When Drawing Metal Sonic
1. Remember that he is METAL Sonic so focus on giving him a nice metallic texture. You can do this by emphasizing the highlights and reflections on his body.
2. Try to position him in a way that will show off his iconic details like his glowing eyes, menacingly pointed fingers, and the large engine on his back.

I hope that these tips will prove useful and look forward to seeing all of your submissions!

[Source: Sega Blog]

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