9-bit Mega Coffee: caffe’ per Sega Fan


Sessioni notturne a Phantasy Star o tour de force ad After Burner? Nottate alle prese con Gun Valkyrie o tornei no stop in sala? Se avete finito le scorte di SEGAfredo forse il 9-bit Mega Coffee può fare al caso vostro. I 9-bit stanno per i 9 tipi differenti di chicchi di caffè, provenienti da Mobius, Yokosuka, Angel Island, Motavia, Green Hill, Kamurocho, Guardiana, Oasis e Radaxian. O forse no:

Ok, here’s the rule: if you’re old enough to recognise where 9-Bit Mega Coffee draws its inspiration from, you’re old enough to drink it. Because only serious gamers (and by that we mean over 21s) are likely to remember Sega’s blockbusting 16-bit system, the Mega Drive.

Product Features:
Coffee from Loading’s Cornwall Gaming Bar
Made from 9 types of ethically-sourced coffee beans:
FC Brazil Pulp Natural Arabica
Daterra Estate Monte Cristo Brazil Natural Arabica
Cosurca, Cauca Valley FT Excelso Colombian Washed Arabica
San Pedro Sula SHG Honduras Washed Arabica
Sidamo G2 Ethiopian Washed Arabica
Monte Sion Estate Gourmet Bourbon El Salvador Washed Arabica
Badra Estate Indian Washed Parchment Robusta
Plantation A Mysore Indian Washed Arabica
Suri Mukmar Takengon G1 Lingtong Sumartran Semi-Washed Arabica
Ideal as a stand alone espresso or with a splash of cold milk
Mega Drive inspired label
9p from each sale goes to SpecialEffect, helping people with disabilities to enjoy computer games
Can size: 250g
Approximately 30 servings
[9-bit Mega Coffee]

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