Un’alleanza tra Sega Networks e Aiming

Sega Networks ha stretto un’alleanza con Aiming, compagnia di Tokyo specializzata nello sviluppo di giochi per smartphone. Secondo l’accordo Sega Networks si occuperà di pubblicare ogni due-tre mesi un titolo di Aiming. Il primo gioco sfornato da questa allenza è Towa no Tsurugi, un action-RPG free to play con alcune componenti shooter.
Towa no Tsurugi uscirà a Marzo in Giappone ma è già nei piani delle due compagnie di allargarsi al mercato asiatico ed eventualmente anche a quello internazionale.
Di seguito alcune dichiarazioni di rito:

“Towa no Tsurugi is based along the same lines as an overhead 3D multiplayer online RPG, but the biggest draw here is that the battles take on a shooter aspect. If you avoid enemy bullets and get close enough, you’ll automatically shoot back at them. It’s a really easy system to get to grips with. Sega’s branding power is just as strong in the US marketplace as it is in Japan, so I think Sega would know more than anyone else how to tackle the American market. They’ve already made Kingdom Conquest a success over there, after all.” Tadashi Shiiba, Aiming

“Back when GREE and Mobage’s feature-phone games were first hitting it big in Japan, people thought there’s no way they’d produce an international hit. However, once we fully entered the smartphone era and people worldwide got access to the same pool of titles, they started to become hits in the West as well. If we can produce a high-end title right now, when people are really starting to pay attention to Japanese smartphone games, I think we can get a lot of users to play it.” Haruki Satomi, Sega Networks

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