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Ken Balough, Digital Brand Manager di Sega, ha annunciato sul forum ufficiale che dal 22 Marzo non farà più parte delle file della compagnia, avendo ricevuto una buona offerta di lavoro da parte di Sony (presumibilmente per occuparsi del mercato latino-americano). In questi 5 anni Ken Balough ha lasciato un buon segno all’interno della community, soprattutto durante le fasi di sponsorizzazione dei due Episodi di Sonic The Hedgehog 4.
L’arrivo di Playstation 4 ed il bisogno di Sony di circondarsi di manager capaci dovrebbe essere del resto un chiaro segnale delle capacità dell’ormai ex manager di Sega.

Di seguito il messaggio lasciato sulla board ufficiale:

Hi Everyone,

After 5 absolutely amazing years, and a lot of great memories and games, it is with a heavy heart that I am announcing Friday March 22nd will be my final day at SEGA.

I can’t tell you all what an incredible experience this has been. Ever since I was a kid playing the SEGA Master System, I wanted to work at SEGA. I grew up on our games playing Wonder Boy, Sonic, Golden Axe, Streets of Rage, and so many more. When the chance to work on the Sonic franchise appeared – I never thought twice – it was a dream come true!

I am incredibly proud of how well the Sonic Franchise has grown; and it is poised to continue to grow into some amazing directions.

The Sonic fans are the best I’ve experienced – passionate, intelligent, with an unrivaled love of the franchise. I have been privileged to get to know you, and hear your thoughts, and talk to you personally when given the opportunity. There are so many of you I want to thank. You guys are really one of a kind. Continue to encourage everyone at SEGA to make better games – it’s really fuel for us when we see, or hear you guys excited.

As many of you know, I am very passionate about the Latin America side business, and I have been given a phenomenal opportunity to join the team at Sony PlayStation and do just that. I am very excited, and while I am VERY sad to be leaving my dear friends at SEGA, am looking forward to be working with a 1st party in an emerging market.

Thank you all again for… well…. Everything! And maybe I’ll stop by and make a visit in a future Sonic event

Your ever-grateful Sonic 4 Brand Manager
Ken Balough

[Source: Sega Forum]

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