Crazy Taxi City Rush iOS disponibile

Da oggi il free to play Crazy Taxi City Rush è disponibile per iPhone, iPad e iPod touch. Per l’occasione Sega Networks ha rilasciato un trailer di lancio ed alcuni nuovi screenshot, così come delle foto di Kenji Kanno, padre della storica saga e supervisore di questa versione realizzata dal team Hardlight. La versione per Android verrà rilasciata nei prossimi giorni.

Di seguito il materiale rilasciato e la press release:

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SEGA Networks, Inc. today announce the launch of Crazy Taxi™: City Rush , the newest game in the iconic Crazy Taxi franchise! Available today for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, the all-new game will be arriving very soon on Android devices, too. Crazy Taxi: City Rush was designed by Kenji Kanno, creator of the original Crazy Taxi arcade phenomenon, and developed by Hardlight Studios, one of SEGA’s top in-house studios and developer of the global hits Sonic Dash and Sonic Jump Fever. The game, designed from the wheels up for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and Android devices with intuitive controls and a new world to explore, is free to download today via the App Store and will be available soon on Google Play.

“The original Crazy Taxi made a big impact, and it was important for us to recapture the same thrills and enjoyment with Crazy Taxi: City Rush,” explained Kenji Kanno, Executive Producer and creator of SEGA’s Crazy Taxi franchise. “So much of the fun of Crazy Taxi is the moment-to-moment excitement of your current run – whether or not you’ll manage to execute that perfect turn or dodge through traffic to make a better fare and beat your best score. I’m very proud of how we’ve managed to bring that to mobile devices in City Rush.”

Drawing heavy inspiration from the original’s arcade racing roots and in keeping with the spirit of the iconic franchise, Crazy Taxi: City Rush features adrenaline-fueled missions, high-octane gameplay and campaigns that speed through a sprawling concrete jungle to unlock, explore, and master.

Crazy Taxi: City Rush features:
· Drive Crazy: Speed down alleys, drift around corners, weave through traffic, fly up ramps and launch into the air with intuitive driving controls, playable in portrait and landscape modes.
· California Rock: Music is an important part of Crazy Taxi’s experience. Tracks have been hand-selected to complement the gameplay, and if that wasn’t enough, players can create their own playlist in iTunes to further customize their in-game experience.
· Master the Streets of Bay City: Hone your driving skills in an all-new, bustling and expanding 3D city. Drive crazy downtown, uptown, on the beach, and through the ‘burbs. Deliver a colorful cast of new and classic characters to their destination before the timer runs out. Learn the streets and defy satellite navigation! Take high-octane shortcuts to beat the clock and max out your score. Stay tuned; there will be more areas added in the future.
· Variety of missions: Earn medals from increasingly challenging jobs – and while you’re at it, why not crush some cars by taking a tank for a spin?
· Customize Your Cab: Upgrade and fully customize a fun collection of modern and classic cabs. Increase your taxi’s power and visual appeal with over-the-top upgrades and accessories like dinosaurs and bullhorns!
· Hire Your Friends and Build a Fleet of Taxis: Manage your own cab company by hiring friends to drive for you in the Taxi Tycoon multiplayer game!
· Play with no limts: No more gas in your tank? Borrow your Facebook friend’s car to complete a mission. Don’t neglect to share the fare with the owner of the car! Players will be pleased to note that a permanent internet connection is not required to enjoy the game.

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