Primi video e data di uscita per Senko No Ronde 2

Arrivano i primi video di gameplay per Senko No Ronde 2, il seguito dell’originale ibrido tra shoot’em up ed action “alla Virtual On” creato da G-rev che sarà disponibile il 7 Settembre su PS4 e PC Steam, sia in Giappone che in Occidente.
Secondo il sito ufficiale in inglese, su PS4 Senko No Ronde 2 sarà disponibile in edizione fisica normale ed in limited edition, oltre che in versione download.
Di seguito potete visionare i quattro nuovi video di gameplay insieme ad alcune informazioni (in Inglese) tratte dalla pagina Steam del gioco:

Originally released in Japanese arcades in 2005, the Senko no Ronde series provides an unique mix of both the shooting and fighting genres, mixing them into a one-on-one action game where two Rounder (mecha) pilots face off against one another in a veritable ballet of bullets and battling.
Senko no Ronde 2 is a reboot of the 2010 game Senko no Ronde DUO, a faster, further refined follow up to WarTech, the only English language release in the series.
Players take control of a Rounder and utilise long ranged attacks alongside melee assaults to defeat their opponent. Shields and the all-important dash can be used in defence, with barrage attacks and the all mighty B.O.S.S. attack on hand to rain destruction on the battle field.

Featuring an involved storyline, more characters and rounders, with local battles, online matching and more!
And with Zuntata alumni, Yasuhisa ‘Yack.’ Watanabe on board, you know the soundtrack is going to be a treat too.

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