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Lo sketch originale di Amy Rose


Dopo aver svelato lo sketch originale di Metal Sonic, Kazuyuki Hoshino ha diffuso anche il disegno originale di Amy Rose, altra sua celebre creazione (ispirata ad un personaggio di una comic strip su Sonic). Disegnata in un angolino del suo album mentre pensava a qualche animazione di attesa, da lì a poco sarebbe diventa l’altra star esordiente di Sonic Cd per Mega Cd.

Il Fan Art contest di Sonic CD (riservato solo ad inglesi, americani e messicani) finisce oggi, quindi presto potremo ammirare i migliori disegni dei fan più fortunati.

Di seguito sketch e quote di Kazuyuki Hoshino:

This is an illustration of Amy Rose that I drew in the corner of my sketch book while I was thinking of in-game idling animations! Amy Rose was first introduced in Sonic CD as Sonic’s #1 fan. She only has eyes for Sonic! For her design, we felt it was important to balance both a healthy and active look with cute and ladylike animations. Sometimes inspiration strikes you when you least expect it! Let your creativity flow and you might be surprised by the results!

[Source: Sega Blog]

Lo sketch originale di Metal Sonic


Sega di recente ha annunciato un art contest riguardante Sonic CD, purtroppo aperto solo ai residenti americani, inglesi e messicani. Per aiutare gli aspiranti vincitori è entrato in gioco Kazuyuki Hoshino, Art Director del Sonic Team, che ha diffuso lo sketch originale di Metal Sonic. Kazuyuki Hoshino infatti è l’artista del Sonic Team al quale dobbiamo Metal Sonic ed Amy Rose.

Di seguito il prezioso sketch e le parole di Hoshino, con i consigli su come disegnare al meglio il personaggio:

This sketch takes me back! When I was new to Sonic Team, I was tasked with designing what was to be Sonic’s rival character. I was so excited!

Although some slight changes were made between this and the final design – for example, his eyes are rounded and the proportions of his body are different – for the most part, he was already Metal Sonic. This sketch was used as a draft for the character’s bitmap that you see in game so it’s rather simple, but it brings back a lot of good memories and is very special to me.

Tips When Drawing Metal Sonic
1. Remember that he is METAL Sonic so focus on giving him a nice metallic texture. You can do this by emphasizing the highlights and reflections on his body.
2. Try to position him in a way that will show off his iconic details like his glowing eyes, menacingly pointed fingers, and the large engine on his back.

I hope that these tips will prove useful and look forward to seeing all of your submissions!

[Source: Sega Blog]

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