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Sega ci riprova con Dragon Coins

Mentre la lineup di casa Sega sembra sempre più una valle desertica, caratterizzata dalla mancanza di annunci e di localizzazioni, Sega Networks ha annunciato l’arrivo in occidente di Dragon Coins, ennesimo titolo per piattaforme iOS e Android già disponibile in Giappone. Il titolo è disponibile in Europa e Stati Uniti da oggi.

Di seguito la Press Release:

SAN FRANCISCO – SEGA Networks, Inc. today announced the global launch of Dragon Coins for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and Android devices. Dragon Coins combines the deep elements of RPG battle and party management systems with the quick, pick-up-and-play appeal of arcade coin-dozer fun.

In Dragon Coins, players must master the drop by placing coins on the moving platform to charge up monsters for attacks. With deft timing and skillful positioning, powerful combos can be executed while collecting hundreds of unique monsters to build an impressive team. Monsters can be swapped out to take advantage of special powers or exploit an enemy’s elemental weaknesses, and players can even lend and borrow monsters with friends to conquer tougher challenges. With this deep but accessible system, players can evolve and fuse monsters with coins won in battle, leveling-up stats and special powers. Dragon Coins features tons of missions and hundreds of collectible monsters. Plus, regular boss raid events provide enough content to keep players battling for ages.

“Full of personality and flair, Dragon Coins continues our mission to bring diverse, high-quality titles to the mobile space,” said Senior Vice President of SEGA Networks Chris Olson. “Players will come for the fun coin-dozer gameplay, but stay for the in-depth RPG system in this quirky and deceptively deep title.”

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