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Generations: svelati gli obiettivi ed i premi avatar

Il sito xbox360achievements ha svelato oggi la lista completa degli obiettivi di Sonic Generations.
Una lista che sarà sicuramente identica per quel che riguarda i trofei della versione PS3.
La versione Xbox360 di Sonic Generations avrà inoltre dei premi avatar esclusivi da sbloccare.

Potete consultare la lista completa degli obiettivi e dei premi avatar di seguito, ovviamente attenzione agli spoilers:

49 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

The Opening Act1
Race through the first stage.

All Stages Cleared!
Clear Sonic Generations.

Greased Lightning
Clear GREEN HILL Act 1 within one minute.

Bright Star
Get Rank S in an Act.

Shooting Star
Get Rank S in three Acts.

Blazing Meteor
Get Rank S in seven Acts.

Blue Comet
Get Rank S in twelve Acts.

Big Bang
Get Rank S in all Acts.

Pull off a seven or more trick combo or six trick combo ending in a finishing trick.

Defeat 100 enemies.

Ring King
Reach the goal without dropping any of the rings you collected in GREEN HILL Act 1.

Action Hero
Perform all of Sonic’s moves in Act 2.

Bonds of Friendship
Complete all Challenge Acts featuring Sonic’s friends.

Walkie Talkie
Chat with each of Sonic’s friends you have saved.

Join the Ranks
Join the rankings.

A 30-Second Test
Participate in a 30 Second Trial.

Mad Skillz
Get all Skills.

(Hedge)Hogging It All Up!
Get all collectibles.

Time Attacker
Play Ranking Attack on all stages.

Red Ring Collector
Get all Red Star Rings.

Halfway Point
Clear half the Challenge Acts.

Mission Accomplished!
Clear all the Challenge Acts.

Secret Achievements X 27
Continue playing to unlock this secret achievement.



Premi Avatar inclusi:


Classic Eggman Suit (Head)
Defeat the final boss on Hard Mode.

Classic Eggman Suit (Tops)
Defeat all bosses on Hard Mode.

Classic Eggman Suit (Bottoms)
Defeat all rivals on Hard Mode.



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